Reimagining a mouse-free world

HandTrack uses the device’s built-in accelerometer sensors or a joystick to move the mouse pointer on the screen and to ​use the mouse buttons. The information is passed from the phone or watch application to the computer program via WI-FI or Bluetooth. ​

HandTrack is an innovative way to control your computer via your Android phone/ tablet or via your Android Wear watch. This technology can be used for a variety of different situations. It can be useful for presentations, supporting people with disabilities and for helping people to use a computer in three-dimensional space. Overall, HandTrack further increases computer accessibility. ​

How does it Work

1. Install the HandTrack app on your Android phone and/or WearOS smartwatch

Get it on Google Play

2. Download and Run (no install required) HandTrack server from the buttons below.

3. Open the server app
4. Select whether you would like to use Bluetooth or WiFi to connect your devices and click start server
5. open the android app and go to settings.
6. Select the same conection method s in the server app Input the ip adddress or mac address
7. Click back to return back to the first screen
8. Select the control method
9. Press the power button and start controlling your computer

Note: you may need to pair your devices first if you use Bluetooth.