Modernizing Traditional Print Media

LifeAR is a universal augmented reality (AR) platform that presents information in an interactive and engaging ways. Use LifeAR to enhance your presentations and to create unique viewer experiences.

1. Discover

Point your device at any material that is part of the LifeAR database

2. Learn more

Watch 3D models, videos, images, websites and more appear

3. Share & Save

Save the content for later or share it with friends

What is AR

The power of augmented reality (AR) makes images, videos and 3D models emerge from printed materials and become interactive. ‚Äč Imagine user manuals or informational flyers with embedded customized videos or 3D models. With AR, you can make you advertisments standout for your clients!

Modernizing Printed Marketing

Capability LifeAR Paper
Effects, hidden content, etc.
Links to websites
Quick Content Swapping
Download and watch later
Share with remote friends

Single Click Target Management

All target/content manipulation is done via the LifeAR app. This simplifies the process and allows you to easily add or remove your targets quickly and easily. Just tap the garbage can to delete or the Add Target button to add a new target.

Load Targets From Anywhere

LifeAR's content management approach allows for adding content and targets from your favourite Cloud storage providers (i.e. Google Drive) as well as straight from your phone.

Add New Targets in 5 Steps

  1. Select a Name
  2. Select a Target (what is recognized by LifeAR)
  3. Select Content (what LifeAR shows ontop of your target)
  4. (Optional). Select your extras (additional content ideas, such as a website or button, that users can interact with)
  5. Click Upload


Note: The app is free to use. The prices below only apply to uploading targets to the database


  • Unlimited free swapping
  • Saving and sharing options
  • HTML and Button extras (displayed below the main content area)